Photo Drop: 2  

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So it's been a while since I last posted something up. Alot has happened once again, but I hope to make up for it with my second photo drop. Eric and I took a little trip to the Tennessee Safari Park yesterday. We had a great deal of fun. I have linked you to their site in the event that you would like to visit them. It really is a neat place, eventhough you wouldn't expect it to be in our area. So, with that being said, enjoy the pictures of those beautiful creatures!

Catch Up  

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So it's been a little while since my last post here. There have been so many things going on in my life, but the good thing is that I have quite a bit to report to you guys. Ok, so to start things off right, We had some famous company come to our home. My stepfather has always been good friends with a man named Michael Wallis. Mr. Wallis , more commonly known as the man who voiced the Sheriff from the movie Cars, stayed for 3 days with my family. He came down and had a book signing at our store for his new book about David Crockett. Here is a picture of Michael Wallis at
Boyette's restaurant with one of the owner's children.
Aside from the wonderful company, my brother, my boyfriend , and myself got out the seadoo and went swimming. It was the first time I've gotten to go swimming all year. ( which is pretty sad since our back yard is literally part

Me winning the splash war with my brother.

 of Reelfoot Lake. )
It was a lot of fun, indeed. We ended up having a splash war. (we all know how fun those can be).
I would like to claim victory, but I'll let you all decide for yourselves. 

On another side note, I would like to say that Eric Smith and I just reached our first month together. Time has just flown by, and it seems like just yesterday we were the best of friends and nothing more. I'm truly blessed to have a guy like him. :)

So, the point of telling you this is that I'm a dork. I do not hide the fact that I'm a dork or a nerd. Well, I love to read, and we went out to a bookstore after we had a nice dinner. (I'm also in love with Mustangs, for future reference). Well I found a  huge official mustang book on the shelf. Well, long story short, he ended up surprising me with it.
Well here's a picture of me with the amazing present he gave me. I seriously love this book. It's a complete history of the Ford Mustang. It also goes into great detail on my favorite year, too. (which is the '67 Shelby)

There will be a photo drop coming up soon. I have so many new photos that I've taken during my absence, so be expecting all of that.
Aside from the famous company, summer, and mustangs, I would like to tell each of you: DFTBA.

Don't Forget To Be Awesome.

Memorial Day  

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Aside from today being a beautiful day outside, it's also a very special day for those
who have served our country, and especially those who gave their lives for our own benefit. Today, we are reminded ( though I think that it should be much more often than just one day a year) to thank those in our lives that fight for our country. In my mind, we don't give enough respect or attention to those people. They have this day to their honor, but what about the other 364 days?

I would like to personally thank every single person who has fought for or served this country. I would like to remind the world to remember each and every man and woman who has fought on foreign soil. Remember each and every woman who has fought on their own lands. I also want to stress to everyone who reads this to remember what had to be done to get to where we are today. You may say "this is a free country, I can do and say whatever I want to." What I have to say in response is "Yeah, you do have that right. You have that right because your neighbors, the people you  may know, the people you don't know, spilled their own blood to give you that right. Enjoy it".
and the saying that will never get more true, and will never get old "Freedom doesn't come free".

I hope everyone has had a wonderful and safe Memorial day. The sun decided to make a grand appearance today, and the temperatures rose to the mid to low 90's. The water was covered in boats
and jet skis. You could just feel the air of a holiday. People were out fishing for the first time since the flood hit.
If I had a dollar for every boat that passed by the store, I would be a rich woman. However if I DID get a dollar for every boat that went by... I just might be in jail. Hm. 

Vintage Spotlight 1: Hand-made Quilts  

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Quilts are fabric storybooks that tell a story of the past. Each piece is interwoven with someone's family stories. In my eyes, quilts are works of art, especially the hand stitched ones. The amount of time and effort put into each quilt block, and the quilt as a whole, astounds me.  I have always heard stories about quilts that have been passed down in my family. The squares were made from the fabric of family member's old clothes. In  present times, a majority of quilts are made using newly purchased fabrics with great and intricate designs. I believe the struggle that the families went through to make the quilts in the past adds beauty to an already beautiful blanket.
Functional Art.
Quilts are a prime example of functional art. There are tons of people who use the quilts that are handed down in their families in every day life. Some prefer to hang them on the wall or display them for their guests to see. A quilt hanging on a wall or draped over the arm of a chair just adds a feeling of coziness to a home.

I chose quilts as my first vintage spotlight because not many people recognize them as vintage items. I've seen all too many quilts in trash bins or on the ground at yard sales. If you have a quilt in your family, hold on to it. Keep it in the family.
Just remember when you're looking at that quilt that someone made for you that all old quilts were new at some point in time. They have made it to our time because someone cherished them and knew what value they held. They appreciated the hard work, the thought, and the meaning that was put into the quilt. So, if you have a quilt today that a friend or family member made you, hold on to it. Give it to your children when they get old enough to appreciate it. Turn it into a family tradition.
Aside from the great meaning behind each quilt is the different variety of quilts there are out there. Here are just a few patterns out there of a limitless selection.

Bunny Rabbits and Roses  

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The vast majority of my day was spent inside at work. We own a Native American art gallery, so in short, when we have a slow day, I stare endlessly at leather fringe and turquoise. (which isn't too bad when it comes to trying on the jewelry. I readily volunteer myself for it.).
It wasn't until later in the day that I got to head to the nearest town (for groceries of course). But as anyone who has ever shopped in their life knows, you never leave with what you went in for. We had to make a stop by the Goodwill store (which is the greatest idea man has had since...strawberry crush drink).
I don't know if you've ever had this happen. There was this one item that I saw, and fell in love with. I couldn't leave the store without it. There wasn't a need for it. I didn't have any reason to buy it..... but I did.

What was it? A brass bunny. What else would it be?I have no idea why, but I just couldn't NOT buy it (double negative, yes, I'm aware). I mean really, look at it. It's a bunny. A BRASS bunny. 1. it's made of pure win. 2. you can find a place on a shelf for pure win.
Those were the only two reasons I had to have to get it. Best 98 cents ever spent.
So on with the rest of the day. (though the bunny is hard to surpass) The weather was cool again. It may have hit 65. Maybe. I doubt it highly.
I've always heard this called a blackberry winter. Soooo, happy blackberry winter to each and every one of you. We need a holiday. Winters always come equipped with holidays.
But the dogs have enjoyed the weather. They have really been playing and swimming quite a bit. Here is a picture of one of my dogs, named Duke. If you noticed, or if you didn't notice, he only has one eye. Just thought that would be neat to point out.

I will leave you with this amazing video that was sent to me. Enjoy!

And it's at this point that you wonder what roses had to do with anything other than being a back drop for the ah-mazing bunny. Just let your mind wrap around the awesome that is of bunnies and foxes, and one eyed dogs, and leave the roses to me.

Risky Weather  

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Throughout the south there have been storms upon storms. It's like we just can't catch a break. Well, another system came through last night. I mentioned in my previous post about the tornado that touched down in my town.
I deciced to venture out into the unknown and take a look-see at what all happened while I huddled in the closet. As I was told, there was substantial damage. What I found, was indeed, substantial damage. OH, and I got a nice little picture of the remains of our only car wash in town ( like I also mentioned in my previous post).
It's obvious that a tornado had a little intervention in the downfall of the glorious car wash. I just feel sorry for the people who pulled their cars into the stalls with the intention of avoiding hail. It's not like they could have known that their cars would be impaled by bricks rather than ice. 
On a side note, the skies have been ominous all day. It really has been strange. The clouds have built up all day, and they look like they could drop a insta-flood, but it hasn't rained a drop the entire time.  I really can't complain, though. I just hope that it doesn't wait until we're all nestled away in our comfty beds before it decides to throw a surprise party for us.
It wouldn't be appreciated, clouds.

Photo Day with Eric  

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Today is one of the few days I get off from work. How did I spend it? With a camera and my boyfriend, Eric. This was one of the very first photo days I've spent with him, and it was quite an experience. So, take a look and enjoy. :)

I often find myself heading out to various places to just take photographs. It's one of my favorite past times. Every once in a while I will invite one of  my friends to tag along with me. It's always a lot of fun, and the experience is never the same. Something is always different and something never fails to go wrong. (I'm a very accident prone person)

What happened this time around, however, was in the form of a tornado. When we mess up a day out, we like to do it right. Good news is that we're all ok. The bad news is that my town got some pretty substantial damage. We are now minus one car wash (our only car wash) and a few of the storage buildings. Power is down for about half of the town, but the utility department is working hard to get that back up and running.
Aside from that little hitch, the day was beautiful. The temperatures were up in the 80's, and it was just a great day spent with Eric Smith.  We migrated around the yard from place to place looking for photo opportunities, and I'm sure, looking like fools as well. 
Here are some of our photos that we managed to get taken before the storm hit:

If you would like to see more of the photos from our day, or my other photography, please feel free to visit my account or my account.